Surfaces - PrintBrush XDR - Mobile Color Printer Print on any surface
PrintBrush XDR is a powerful mobile printer you can take on the go anytime, anywhere. Simply connect with Wi-Fi and let your creativity flow through the PrintBrush XDR. Experience vibrant colors with our very own tri-color ink on a multitude of surfaces.
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INK use cases

PrintBrush XDR will change the way we think about printing because, for the first time, it is now possible to print your designs onto any porous surface, like paper, cardboard, wood, fabrics and many more.
It can even function as a printer for t-shirts… just let your creativity flow!

Can the PrintBrush XDR print on skin?

Technically yes, however, the ink in the standard cartridge offered has not been designed for printing on human skin, so we don’t actively recommend that. If we see a very high demand to our device for temporary tattoos, we might look into the opportunity to develop a special ink cartridge and maybe a gel to be applied in the skin before printing.

Can the PrintBrush XDR print on fabrics?

Yes, it can. If a temporary imprint is desired, just apply it directly. The imprint will wash away in your washing machine and you are ready for a new customized imprint. If you want a permanent imprint, you have to use a special fixative spray available in local stores. (Spray not possible to ship as air cargo).

Can the PrintBrush XDR print on wood?

Yes, it can. If the imprint is done on untreated (raw) wood, then, it will stay there permanently, and it is difficult to remove it (sanding is recommended). If the imprint is done on wood with some kind of surface treatment (painting, varnishing, etc), then, most probably, it can be wiped away. Testing on an invisible portion of the material is highly recommended. If permanent imprint is required, then, an inkjet fixative spray is highly recommended which is available in local stores.

Can the PrintBrush XDR print on glass?

Theoretically yes, but it is tricky, particularly if the glass is fully transparent. First of all, the imprint will be easily removable (non-permanent) and sensitive to touch (it will smudge). To apply the imprint, the PrintBrush XDR needs to navigate on another non-transparent surface (such as a piece of cardboard or a piece of plastic sheet). If permanent imprint is desired, a inkjet fixative spray might be needed, but the imprint will still be sensitive to hard physical contact and relatively easy to remove due to the hardness of the glass.

Can the PrintBrush XDR print on plastics?

Yes it can, but it depends very much on the type of plastic and the roughness of the surface. It is most likely for the imprint to be easily removed and sensitive to touch. If permanent imprint is desired, an inkjet fixative spray would need to be applied prior to the imprint. The spray is available in local stores. (Spray not possible to ship as air cargo). Testing on invisible areas or a separate sample is highly advisable.

What about the washability of non-paper materials?

Washability depends very much on the quality of the material. We encourage to always make a test prior to final imprint. The thumb rule is that the more blank the material is, then the easier to wash/erase.

Is the ink waterproof?

As a water-based dye ink, the ink of our standard cartridge is not waterproof. As for other applications, we will be looking forward to developing specialty inks for all different kinds of purposes and applications.  Stay tuned!

Which cartridge will be supplied with the printer?

Our printer uses only a tri-color cartridge (Called CMY)

Could we get Black ink cartridge?

No need of a black cartridge. Our printer runs with composite black by mixing all CMY colors. It is not as crispy as pure black but it is more than good enough for most applications.

Are there other ink cartridges out in the market today that are compatible with this printer?

Our cartridge is the equivalent to the HP 62 XL tri-color cartridge, but it is locked to work with our device only. We have over 25,000 cartridges on stock already, so our backers don’t have to worry about shortages. If something happens to us or to our partners then the printer can be unlocked via a firmware upgrade to accept the HP 62 XL.

What do you expect the cost will be for the ink cartridges?

Cartridges are being sold for a normal price of $49 + local taxes and shipping. Those are the cartridges with ordinary ink. For specialty inks the prices will be higher (because quantities will be much smaller).

We believe that the maximum pricing will be around $99.

What is the longevity of ink?

Recommended 2 years.

How much printing does one set of cartridges last?

A cartridge would last the equivalent to 450   A4 pages with around 15% coverage. The app would tell every time how many imprints you can make with every specific image that you load. There is also an ink gauge that will track your ink consumption in percentage of ink left.

Inkjet Fix


If permanent imprint is required, then, an inkjet fixative spray is highly recommended which is available in local stores.

Inkjet Fixative is a fast drying varnish for fixing inkjet inks. It may used on CD’s most papers, canvas and films after printing but it is always advisable to test materials for compatibility before use.

Imprint your designs onto any porous surface