F.A.Q. - PrintBrush XDR - Mobile Color Printer Print on any surface
PrintBrush XDR is a powerful mobile printer you can take on the go anytime, anywhere. Simply connect with Wi-Fi and let your creativity flow through the PrintBrush XDR. Experience vibrant colors with our very own tri-color ink on a multitude of surfaces.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Let your creativity flow on ALL porous surfaces with the PrintBrush XDR!
Make personalized cards to send to your loved ones. Create fun DIY projects with your kids. The PrintBrush XDR can double as a label maker and can even function as a printer for t-shirts… The possibilities are endless!

Can the PrintBrush XDR print on...


Yes, it can. If a temporary imprint is desired, just apply it directly. The imprint will wash away in your washing machine and you are ready for a new customized imprint. If you want a permanent imprint, you have to use a special fixative spray available in local stores. (Spray not possible to ship as air cargo).


Yes, it can. If the imprint is done on untreated (raw) wood, then, it will stay there permanently, and it is difficult to remove it (sanding is recommended). If the imprint is done on wood with some kind of surface treatment (painting, varnishing, etc), then, most probably, it can be wiped away. Testing on an invisible portion of the material is highly recommended. If permanent imprint is required, then, an inkjet fixative spray is highly recommended which is available in local stores.


Theoretically yes, but it is tricky, particularly if the glass is fully transparent. First of all, the imprint will be easily removable (non-permanent) and sensitive to touch (it will smudge). To apply the imprint, the PrintBrush XDR needs to navigate on another non-transparent surface (such as a piece of cardboard or a piece of plastic sheet). If permanent imprint is desired, a inkjet fixative spray might be needed, but the imprint will still be sensitive to hard physical contact and relatively easy to remove due to the hardness of the glass.


Yes it can, but it depends very much on the type of plastic and the roughness of the surface. It is most likely for the imprint to be easily removed and sensitive to touch. If permanent imprint is desired, an inkjet fixative spray would need to be applied prior to the imprint. The spray is available in local stores. (Spray not possible to ship as air cargo). Testing on invisible areas or a separate sample is highly advisable.

Technically yes, however, the ink in the standard cartridge offered has not been designed for printing on human skin, so we don’t actively recommend that. If we see a very high demand to our device for temporary tattoos, we might look into the opportunity to develop a special ink cartridge and maybe a gel to be applied in the skin before printing.

What cartridge does the PrintBrush XDR use?

Our printer uses only a tri-color cartridge (Called CMY). Our cartridge is the equivalent to the HP 62 XL tri-color cartridge, but it is locked to work with our device only.

How long does a cartridge last?

The range of the cartridge depends on several factors including size and ink coverage of the imprints. Around 5000 imprints can be made with an imprint that is 14 mm x 100 mm with a coverage of around 15%. The app will calculate how many imprints you can make with every specific image that you load and it also has as an ink gauge that will track your ink consumption. (The ink has a recommended lifespan of approximately 2 years.)

Could we get Black ink cartridge?

Our printer runs with composite black by mixing all CMY colors. It will not be as dark as a pure black cartridge but it will provide a “black” color that is sufficient for most applications.

Is the ink waterproof?

As a water-based dye ink, the ink of our standard cartridge is not waterproof. As for other applications, we will be looking forward to developing specialty inks for all different kinds of purposes and applications. Stay tuned!

The imprint quality is decreasing/not satisfactory, what can I do?
The quality of the imprint depends on several different aspects. Most of the problems can be put down to the cartridge. Either the print head is (slightly) dried out, the cartridge is (almost) empty or not inserted rightly.
If imprint quality is decreasing, please consider the following points:
  • Always put the e-mark in the docking station immediately after usage to avoid drying out of print head
  • Clean the print head by wiping over it with a damp cloth
  • Clean the plastic parts on the bottom of the e-mark (around the print head)
  • Take out cartridge and re-insert it
  • Ensure a proper surface to print on (e.g. sheet of paper on hard underground, no rippled surfaces)
  • Try to move as straight as possible over the surface
In the following are the possible defect imprints:
  • Stripes in the imprint or parts are missing –> re-insert cartridge

  • Colours of the imprint in the App do not match the colours in my printed imprint –> clean the print head, exchange the cartridge (if already almost empty)

  • Pale imprint –> try to print slower, clean print head, exchange cartridge (if already almost empty)

  • Pale at the beginning of imprint or wrong colours –> cleaning print head

  • Vertical gaps in the imprint or offset –> choose right surface, material

  • Offset in imprint –> move straightly
  • Stains before the imprint –> wait until cleaning routine is completed before making imprint on a document, clean plastic parts around the print head if dirty

  • Small stripes, points before imprint –> move only in one direction (right OR left)

I cannot send an imprint from the app. What can I do?

If you cannot send an imprint to the PrintBrush XDR, it is very likely that there is not a WiFi connection between the PrintBrush XDR and your mobile device. Ensure that your PrintBrush XDR is switched on and the battery is not empty – by checking whether you see lights on the light pipe when switching it on.
To check if the PrintBrush XDR is connected, go to the settings area and select “My e-marks”. If your PrintBrush XDR (with the correct SSID-number) is not listed here, it needs to be registered. Click on “Add e-mark” on the bottom of the page and enter SSID and password of your PrintBrush XDR. If it is listed here but could not connect, then go to the e-mark connect page and click on “connect”. If that doesn’t work, go to the general settings of your device and search for the WiFi settings. Check whether your PrintBrush XDR is showing here. If you have a Samsung device try to select your PrintBrush XDR in the WiFi settings and type in your password and then return to the app.

My PrintBrush XDR is not turning on anymore. What can I do?
Your battery is most likely completely discharged. Make sure to charge it for several hours (it takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge). Ensure that the PrintBrush XDR is charging by turning it on and seeing lights shining in the back of the PrintBrush XDR. Note that the battery discharges itself slightly also when it is turned off. Please activate your PrintBrush XDR at least once per month to ensure a steady printing quality and battery life.
Check whether you are using the right charging cable. Please only use the power plug that comes in the packaging. Charging via USB interface doesn’t work!
If it seems that charging doesn’t work, try to plug in the cable firmly.
I have a document, form,… with a predefined space for the imprint. How can I position the PrintBrush XDR into this field?
Markings on the side of the PrintBrush XDR help to position your imprint precisely in predefined spaces. In addition, you can choose your start position in the app for better positioning. Lateral positioning means that the PrintBrush XDR (as in left picture below when moving to the right) will start after the markings on the side of the PrintBrush XDR. In contrast, when selecting center position the PrintBrush XDR starts immediately to print when it is moved.
What is the reason for the spray of ink when I remove the PrintBrush XDR from the docking station?
This spray of ink is an automated cleaning routine of the printhead which ensures consistent clear imprints.
ATTENTION: Be careful not lift the PrintBrush XDR too quickly away from the docking station onto another surface. This could lead the cleaning process to spray undesired ink onto your clean surfaces. It is highly recommended to hold the PrintBrush XDR in the air for a few seconds until the cleaning cycle has been performed before printing.
I cannot switch between the imprints saved on the app. What can I do?
Check in the app under “Imprints on e-mark” to see if you have any saved imprints on your device. Try to replace one of the imprints or save a new one and try to switch again. It is possible that the designs were not saved or accidentally deleted.

Inkjet Fix


If permanent imprint is required, then, an inkjet fixative spray is highly recommended which is available in local stores.

Inkjet Fixative is a fast drying varnish for fixing inkjet inks. It may used on CD’s most papers, canvas and films after printing but it is always advisable to test materials for compatibility before use.

Imprint your designs onto any porous surface