Project Update #9: All orders fulfilled! - PrintBrush XDR - Mobile Color Printer
PrintBrush XDR is a powerful mobile printer you can take on the go anytime, anywhere. Simply connect with Wi-Fi and let your creativity flow through the PrintBrush XDR. Experience vibrant colors with our very own tri-color ink on a multitude of surfaces.
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Project Update #9: All orders fulfilled!

Shipments from fulfillment center to all backers done.

On last Friday May 31st, our fulfillment center in Hong Kong was able to dispatch basically all remaining rewards to all backers. There were only two exceptions: 

  • Backers whom’s address could not be validated by the couriers because of different reasons such as missing ZIP codes, too long address fields, etc. These backers will receive a separate email stating what’s wrong and a requesting to input correct address data.
  • The 135 backers that selected the “Extra PrintBrush XDR Ink Cartridge” reward (which we replaced in the middle of the campaign with the reward called “Early Bird with Extra Ink Cartridge“). We have your reward ready to ship but we will email you one last time to re-confirm your choice, choose to upgrade or refund.

All other rewards to all other backers have been dispatched and automated notifications have been sent  containing the tracking number by SMS and by email from an address called “”. Use it to search your in your email inbox.

Pallets of PrintBrush XDR master cartons at the fulfillment center prior to Pick & Pack
Pallets of PrintBrush XDR master cartons at the fulfillment center prior to Pick & Pack

Notifications for all kinds of shipment events will be sent automatically too. The events include pending, information received, in transit, out for delivery, delivered, failed attempt, etc. 

List of tracking numbers

Because it is a huge effort to respond individual inquiries and communicate on an individual basis with backers, we have chosen to publish the complete list of backer numbers and the unique tracking numbers associated to them. 

Once you find your tracking number, please use our tracking portal to enter your tracking number and obtain information about the status of your shipment. The tracking portal fetches automatically the status information from the correct courier and displays it to you.

Eventually we are going to make the tracking numbers directly clickable for your convenience.

Customer Support Center

The 24/7 customer support center that we mentioned in our Project Update #7 has become reality. Now that you are finally going to get your PrintBrush XDR printers, it is extremely important to us that you are also able to setup your product without any problem. Therefore we are giving you multiple choices to interact with our support center including phone call, email or chat. You can do that any time of the day, any day of the week. We are already in place doing the training of the agents and the support center will go live full swing on June 10th. The contact email address is: and the main contact telephone number is already assigned so please take note: +1 888 8596 933.

Android- and iOS apps

Now that we have shipped out all rewards to all backers, we will put a lot of focus into improving the user experience of the PrintBrush XDR along with our apps. We are aware that the Android ecosystem is very fragmented and that it is a huge challenge to make our printer work with every single Android handset model and OS version. 

The iOS app has not that problem and will work with any recent version and handset model. However that app development was started at a later stage and there are still many things that can be refined and polished for an impeccable user experience. We kindly ask you for your constructive feedback and patience. We will keep working on improvements until everything is perfect. 

Best regards

The PrintDreams Team

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  • Photo t-shirts
    Posted at 14:51h, 28 July Reply

    This is a wonderful looking print tool.
    I hope the price comes down some as they sell more.

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