Project Update #8: Tracking Numbers - PrintBrush XDR - Mobile Color Printer
PrintBrush XDR is a powerful mobile printer you can take on the go anytime, anywhere. Simply connect with Wi-Fi and let your creativity flow through the PrintBrush XDR. Experience vibrant colors with our very own tri-color ink on a multitude of surfaces.
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Project Update #8: Tracking Numbers

Shipment from factory

Two pallets containing 982 units of the PrintBrush XDR were shipped last Friday May 10th from our factory in Malaysia to our global fulfillment center in Hong Kong. They reached Hong Kong already in Saturday May 11th but there was a holiday on Monday 13th so they were hold in transit at our forwarder’s premises:

The two pallets of PrintBrush XDR units while in transit in Hong Kong
The two pallets of PrintBrush XDR units while in transit in Hong Kong

The two pallets were finally delivered today May 15th at 9:56 AM local time ( ) and are now in the designated warehouse. The fulfillment center has already warned that it would take at least a week from delivery date until they can start the outbound shipping process to backers. That’s also when they can start to generate the tracking numbers. It means that it will be no earlier than May 22nd when you backers can expect to start receiving the tracking numbers. Please take note.

Tracking portal

For your comfort and piece of mind, we have engaged a tracking service which will automatically send the notification about the tracking number to you. Backers can at any moment check in the status of their shipment in the following page: 

This service has been integrated and it is now connected directly to our fulfillment center’s backbone. It will be updated in real-time as tracking numbers are generated and during the different events along the way to your doorstep.

Fulfillment of all rewards

With the first two pallets we are covering most of the backers and rewards. A third pallet is ready and will be shipped from the factory tomorrow and will come just in time for an uninterrupted outbound shipping pipeline to backers. With the third pallet, we are reaching 1486 shipped units to fulfillment center while we still have to ship another 1483 units to all remaining backers which means we even have some few spare units left. 

There are still 135 backers that haven’t responded to the survey and therefore we haven’t got any address to ship to. We will keep sending reminders and will fulfill at a later stage. In any case, no single backer will be left without his/her PrintBrush XDR provided we know where to ship.

We  will post another update once we see that outbound shipping to backers from fulfillment center has started.

Warmest regards

The PrintDreams Team

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