Project Update #6: Shipment Status 2 - PrintBrush XDR - Mobile Color Printer
PrintBrush XDR is a powerful mobile printer you can take on the go anytime, anywhere. Simply connect with Wi-Fi and let your creativity flow through the PrintBrush XDR. Experience vibrant colors with our very own tri-color ink on a multitude of surfaces.
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Project Update #6: Shipment Status 2

First shipments to backers done

The battery certification issue highlighted during the last update was properly solved and all units now are coming with battery packs that have adequate labels and documents.

The certification of the product was done using a charger adapter that features a embedded ferrite core shown with the red arrow in the next photo:

The purpose of the ferrite is to help mitigate the radiation coming from the power cable. 

Initially we thought that we might be able to manage without the ferrite, therefore the initial order of the power adapters was without the ferrite:

We did purchase few hundred units of these adapters to get prepared for deliveries:

We tested a lot of samples and they were all working perfectly.

Defective new batch of adapters

Our supplier got a new order for exactly the same type of adapters but with the ferrite core added.

We tested few of them and everything looked fine but then some of the first backers reported that they could not charge their units.

We immediately started to test more adapters with ferrite core and found to our surprise that a substantial number of them were really not working at all.

In the following video we show a comparison between a working adapter (without the ferrite core) and a non-working adapter:

 project video thumbnail

We asked the supplier what happened and after some investigation, it turned out that during their testing there were using a female DC jack with a bigger inner pin. It happened to damage the inner hole of the male DC jack:

The spring loaded contact shown in the red area lost part of its spring force resulting in bad contact according to the supplier. After receiving samples from our docking station, the supplier is also suggesting to increase the length of the pin to increase the contact area.

In any case, the supplier is already manufacturing a new batch on express mode but the lead time is going to be at least two weeks. It means that shipments will stay grounded until around April 15th 2019 . 

We have shipped some units to backers with the power adapter without the ferrite but we really don’t want to be in a situation where we have to recall all units because the power adapter is not the one used during the product certification process.

We are extremely sorry about this delay but we will do everything in our power to speed things up. We really hope for your understanding and patience.

PrintBrush XDR User Manual released

In the meantime, we are not just standing still. A lot of progress is being done on everything else. For example, we have now released the first draft of the PrintBrush XDR Operating and Maintenance Manual (User Manual). By the way, in the document, the only shown power adapter version is the one with the ferrite core. 

We have also now activated the links shown on the Quick Setup Guide that goes with the product (one of them goes to the User Manual online). Some backers did complain that they were not working.

Status on Apps

Progress is also being done on the apps. We plan the first real release (out of TestFlight) of the iOS App this coming week and there will be weekly updates with more functionality. The Android App had problems supporting Android 9.0 but it is now being fixed along with compatibility with more smartphone models.

Product Packaging

We did get feedback from the retailer chains that want to sell our product that our original product packaging was not too suitable for sales on retail so we have made a redesign. We wanted to have it more in line with our slogan “Colors. Everywhere”. This is one of the final proposals:

For the time being, the first backers have got completely black plain packaging. We can ship the sleeve with the final artwork if some of the first backers desire it. For the coming shipments, the new packaging will be ready (we hope you like it better than the previous).

This is all for now, dear backers. Once again, our deepest apologies for the new shipment delay caused by the power adapters. Please bear with us. We won’t rest until every backer has got his/her unit. Thanks.

Best regards

The PrintDreams Team

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